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Your community for blockchain and crypto programming enthusiasts.

CryptoDrari is a platform where developers, designers, marketers, project holders, and anyone interested in the crypto space can come together to share knowledge, learn, and create opportunities. We believe in the power of community and transparency, and all code and activities are shared openly to promote collaboration and innovation.

Upcoming Events

Our events are scheduled for the last Sunday of each month, unless a holiday or special event necessitates a change. These events can be hosted both locally and remotely by different communities. The primary location for these events is currently Casablanca, Morocco, but our objectives are global. Each event consists of a knowledge-sharing session followed by networking opportunities to help form bonds and further knowledge exchange.

Contributions are always welcome! If you have an idea for an event or want to be a speaker, let us know.

About CryptoDrari

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build a vibrant community for blockchain and crypto programming enthusiasts. We aim to facilitate knowledge exchange, foster innovation, and create networking opportunities to advance the field of crypto technology.

Community Guidelines

  • Respect others and their opinions.
  • Share knowledge and help each other.
  • Maintain a positive and collaborative environment.
  • Adhere to the event rules and regulations.

Contribute to CryptoDrari

We welcome contributions from everyone. Whether you are a developer, designer, marketer, project holder, or simply passionate about blockchain technology, there's a place for you at CryptoDrari. Our goal is to share and learn together, creating opportunities for growth and success within the community.

Anyone can create a community, propose to host or contribute to an event, schedule an event, or simply attend. Sign Up Now to get started!

Rewards Mechanism

To encourage participation and contributions, CryptoDrari implements a rewards system. Members can earn tokens and NFTs for their involvement, such as organizing events, giving presentations, or contributing to projects. These tokens can be used within the community for various purposes, such as accessing exclusive content, voting on proposals, or exchanging for other rewards. Our aim is to create a thriving ecosystem where everyone's contributions are valued and rewarded.

Possible use cases for the tokens include:

Early joiners and active community creators who hold meetups and share moments will receive special rewards. Join us and be part of the foundation of a global crypto community.

Advantages of CryptoDrari NFTs and Token Rewards

CryptoDrari leverages the power of NFTs and tokens to reward and recognize active community members. Here's how it works:

NFT Rewards System

When members sign up, they receive a Silver NFT. This NFT is activated once a member attends at least one meetup. As members continue to participate and contribute to the community, their NFTs are upgraded through various stages, including Gold, Ruby, Diamond, and Platinum. Each stage represents a higher level of contribution and involvement, with the NFT design changing to reflect the new status.

The NFTs are non-transferable and serve as a badge of honor within the CryptoDrari community. They provide various advantages, such as:

Token Rewards System

In addition to NFTs, members earn tokens for their participation and contributions. Tokens are awarded for various activities, including:

These tokens can be used within the community for a range of purposes, such as:

The combination of NFT and token rewards aims to create a motivated and engaged community where contributions are recognized and valued. Join us and start earning your rewards today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CryptoDrari?

CryptoDrari is a platform for blockchain and crypto programming enthusiasts to come together, share knowledge, and create opportunities. We host events, facilitate community projects, and provide a space for collaboration and innovation.

How can I join CryptoDrari?

You can join CryptoDrari by signing up on our website. Once you become a member, you can participate in events, contribute to projects, and start earning rewards.

What are the rewards for participating?

Members earn tokens and NFTs for their participation and contributions. These rewards can be used within the community for various purposes, such as accessing premium content, receiving discounts, and voting on proposals.

How do I earn tokens?

Tokens are earned by attending events, organizing and hosting events, giving presentations, contributing to projects, and engaging in discussions. The more you participate, the more tokens you earn.

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